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Kyiv and Moscow: two opposite poles of civilization

The present situation with the coronavirus shows that modern medicine based on pharmacology has come to a collapse. This is because it does not take into account the fact that the individual in addition to the material component has also a field component and these two must coexist harmoniously and being in phase all the time.

First of all this is a laser therapy using our Helios apparatus
(: "") The MECHANISM OF ACTION: When the laser beam irradiates the blood artery even through the skin for 30 minutes, the patient's blood T-lymphocyte concentration increases very remarkably. When the irradiation is conducted intravenously, the concentration of T-lymphocytes increases up to 200 times! First of all these are T-killers. It is known that T-killers are the purifiers of the body of damagedand infected cells. The blood is very actively saturated with oxygen in the lungs (even the sick lungs) and acquires a superfluid property. Red blood cells begin to be actively born. Blood stem cells (hematopoietic stem cells) are creating in the peripheral blood and the bone marrow. And then the immune self-regulation of all the systems is automatically started - the body begins to come to healthy life on its own in a short time.

Second is water with a high negaive redox potential:
HydridFortis (in English)
óFortis ()

Third is
Information Therapy (in English)

☀ my paper
Naturally scientific approach to the treatment of patients, Academic Journal of Life Sciences 6, No. 7, pp. 67-75 (2020)
, 1.2 MB

YouTube: my talk at the conference Physics Beyond Relativity, 20 Oct 2019, Prague (the organiser - Prof. Jan Rak)
Presentation to the talk: The phenomenon of gravity in the framework of the submicroscopic approach (pdf file, 13 MB)

My book Structure of Space and the Submicroscopic Deterministic Concept of Physics
The flyer for the book (June 2017)

Studies of inerton field effects in 1944-1945

Yu. Shilov, Ancient History of Aratta-Ukraine : 20,000 BCE - 1,000 CE   (the book was released on 28 Feb, 2015)
    Yu. Shilov and V. Krasnnoholovets: Formation of Ukraine in the context of world civilization
Since the end of December 2014 the article is not on the web site of the Caspian Research Institute. Here is its pdf file pdf file, 230 kb

A short review of our studies in a model pyramid
(18 Dec 2012) pdf file, 732 kb

(18 2012) pdf file, 790 kb

My lecture presented at the 7th Vigier Symposium: The Search for Fundamental Theory, 12-13 July (Imperial College, London, 2010). Proceeding of the Symposium by American Institute of Physics.
(Full text of the Lecture, pdf file, 1.3 MB)

MAY 2008: The Letter to Prof. Stenger in the item below provoked an interesting reply of one doctor. The reply can be considered as an example of a typical thinking of an averaged intelligent person who fixedly holds to a modern dogmatic scheme of the history of world civilization. Why is it dogmatic? Because an integral archaeological, historical and ethnographic study carried out by Dr. Yuri Shilov discloses the other pattern of ways of development of human society. This will be obvious to everyone who has read Shilovs books. One of the major recent books entitled The Sources of Beginnings of Ukrainian Ethnic Culture from XIX thous. BC to thous. AD has been translated to English by Lee and Tim Hooker and me. What is this book about? Please see this reference - we are looking for an English publisher (rather an Academishian Publishig House). The Hookers family has a long history itself, which is traced down to the Welsh royal family of the 8th century; in 11th century, a representative of their royal family, Henry II, the king of France, was married to Ukrainian princess Anna who was daugther of Kyiv's Prince Yaroslav the Wise; in the second part of the 19th century Sir Joseph Hooker was the head of the Royal Society. In 2009 Dr. Tim and Lee Hooker participated in a conference on the Megalithic Arts & Sciences with a long presentation MEGALITHIC DISCOVERIES IN UKRAINE Megalithic Ukraine; watch also on YouTube Dr. Tim Hooker and Dr. Tim and Lee Hoorker.

On concepts of God and bioenergetic fields
Open Letter to Prof. Victor J. Stenger,   16 Dec 2007

³ . ³ . , 16.ղ.2007 .

Inerton fields: a contrarians ideas on fundamental physics   Lecture delivered at the Bath Royal Literature and Science Institution (Bath, UK) on 23 February 2007 (Proceedings of the BRLSI, vol. 11, Sep.2006 - Aug 2007) (Full text of the Lecture, pdf file, 859 kB)

Science Responsibility and Scientists Concern for Evolution of Planet Earth:   a Manifesto on Action for World's Peace and Harmony (published in 2007)
Authors:   M. Bounias (France), K. E. Wolff (Germany), G. Tsirigotis (Greece), M. J. Mehois (France), V. Krasnoholovets (Ukraine), M. Kljajic' (Slovenia), J. Chandler (USA), V. Burdyuzha (Russia) and A. Bonaly (France)

Abstract: During the last centuries, human technologies have grown to such an extent that their power has reached a level and a range comparable to that of natural forces. The Earth is witnessing an ever-increasing human technological intervention, in almost all areas of human life and Nature in general, with unfortunately a deficit in philosophical and humanistic approach, whatever the consequences this may imply for the present and future of humankind and Planet. An increasing load of damage has resulted from the consequences of human population growth and development, with poverty, stress and violence still spreading in every part of the world. While political and industrial lobbies argue against the capability of science to give them lessons of objectivity and wisdom, religions have also failed to provide adequate guidelines for the way humanity should behave in harmony with the whole of the living community, and religious wars still rage worldwide. The three parts of the present appeal successively deal with the following parts of the tragedy: (i) the technological and economical aspects; (ii) the social and philosophical implications; (iii) the moral and spiritual messages. A new way of thinking about identification of correct behavior and management that would allow the living community to evolve towards a optimum future is sketched and the whole of the scientific community is invited to contribute out of conflicts of interest to fill the appeal with the wisdom that Science should be able to bestow to humanity, in conjunction with Arts and Philosophy whose contribution is emphasized.
(Full text of the Manifesto - pdf file)

October, 2005. Our team made antijamming and very sensitive DEVICE for the measurement of inerton radiation! Summer, 2006: We are designing two other devices. The device allows one to measure:
- inerton signals from Galaxies, stars and planets;
- inerton radiation in small- and large-scale pyramids;
- rather pathogenic inerton radiation from different sources    (from ruptures of the Earth and the ground irregularities,    in residences, etc.);
- inerton radiation from various electronic equipments
    including computers, which seems is very harmful
    for users.

We have revealed that the inerton field is a confinement field for electrons in electron droplets. We have detected the inerton field in a Teslat watch carrying out the project "Physical Characteristics of Teslar Watch" funded by Teslar Inside Corporation
See Publications in RESEARCH INTERESTS

The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook A book (518 pages, January 2004) on the research done by members of The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, written by Dr. John DeSalvo, Director of the Association (see access to the book on the web site of the Association

Does Modern Science Tends to the Knowledge Base of the Ancients?! Invited article written for HERA magazine (Rome, in Italian). July issue, 2002

The Great Pyramid as an Aether Wind Trapping Site Extracts from the article should appear in Free Time magazine

On the Way to Disclosing the Mysterious Power of the Great Pyramid. Invited article written for The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association on 24 January 2001. These findings have been discussed on:
The Jeff Rense Radio (USA) on Feb 2, Feb 7, July 23, Sept 27;
The X-Zone Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnel (Canada) on Jul 12, Aug 9; Art Bell's Coast to Coast program with host Barbara Simpson (USA) on Aug 11;   Dreamlend program with Whitley Strieber (USA) on 13 Oct; Laura Lee Show with Laura Lee (USA) on 7 Dec.

The total audience was over 10 mln people in the USA and all around the world   listen to Radio Interviews

My correspondence with famous American archaeologist Stephen Mehler about origins of such terms as energy, nature, aether, conciousness, wisdom, etc. (May, 2001) Mehler_energy.htm

Paranormal Phenomena in terms of the submicroscopic consideration. The project: Allocation, Intensity and Typical Frequencies of Inerton Field of Extrasensitive and Conventional People (is available on request of a potential partner). If you still do not belive paranormal, please look at the claim biogravity.

Mind, Concsiousness and the Universal Laws of the Universe (an article written for the conference 'Secrets of the Mind' organized by Renaissance Universal Forum in Feb 2001).

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