Dr. Isaac Prozumentor (director, the Kharkiv Planetary, Kharkiv, Ukraine) demonstrated his paranormal possibilities - the biogravity phenomenon, around 1990. Dr. Prozumentor could hold suspended also other subjects made of loam, kaolin, wood, etc. Sometimes the phenomenon is met among children (at least in Ukraine) in age from 8 to 16, mainly among girls: children attach a teaspoon to the nose and show the phenomenon to their friends and parents. A not bad test for any theory of gravity, does it?




Ivan Stoilkovic, 6 years old (2011), Croatia



Yulia Chubar, Donetsk, Ukraine (2013) [www.62.ua:article:449334].jpg



Dr. V. Krasnoholovets dressed in a tessel-lattice shirt attracts a plastic ballpoint (Kyiv, 28 Sep. 2013)