Subject:  Re: open letter: bioenergetic fields




Prof. Krasnoholovets,


I received the copy of your letter to Dr. Stenger. I am only a lowly physician with a general education in physics, and only a subjective understanding and knowledge of modern cosmology. Your arguments are appropriately with other physicists. However, I know of no evidence for bioenergetic fields to which you refer.


Although I am an atheist, I was raised during World War II, of Jewish descent. I recognize racial and religious bigotry and misinformation. 


The history of Judaism is quite different from what is implied in the letter. Judaism evolved from Egyptian and Babylonian precursors, and was a dominant civilizing force in that area of the pre-Grecian era. It formed the basis for Christianity. Together they formed and transmitted the concept of personal conscience (the sense for right and wrong.) Combined with Greek rationality, they evolved into modern human thought, ethics, social structure, and governments.

   Judaism is one of the oldest recorded and continuously practiced religions, continuing codes of ethics and social behavior. Ancient Judaism, stripped of dietary and other senseless rituals is modern in its understanding and description of human emotion. The biblical poetry of psalms, and the music of the religious hymns have been preserved at least 2500-3000 years. They are beautiful by modern Western standards. The biblical stories are no doubt mythical and imaginary.

  The religion has little to do with the socially inferior adaptations Jews evolved in order to coexist with dominant host cultures after being dispersed from their homeland.  Judaism has no concept or basis in "riches and slaves". .  


  The Ukrainocentric origin civilization is unknown in Western European and American culture. It is probably another imaginary myth It resembles the mythical nationalistic racial origins of German Nazism, that overcame Europe and its sympathetic allies in Ukraine.


  History records European social development differently. Humans migrated out of Africa and the Middle East in  several waves 30,000 to 10,000 years ago. Marauding tribes from western Asia and central Europe returned to southern Europe, destroying ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and causing Dark Ages. Modern civilization, formed originally in Greece and Rome, then again reached central Europe during and after the Renaissance. Conquest and forced religious conversion which brought Western consciousness and social organization to pagan Europe in the dark and middle ages. The Enlightenment of the Renaissance (1100-1800s) began in Italy, and rapidly spread through France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Britain. The Enlightenment did not penetrate much of Eastern Europe, which for some people is trying to free itself from its tribal and irrational beginnings


W SampsonMD