We thought our visitors, members, and advisory board members would enjoy seeing this humorous but very interesting and profound correspondence between our Research Director, Egyptologist Stephen Mehler and the head of the Ukrainian Pyramid Research Group, who is also one of our prominent advisory board members, i.e. The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets.

Dear Stephen

First, let me introduce myself: 
I am a very young student who wish to know some more about the ancients.  Namely, can you help me to shed some light on the word "energy"?  I have kept this question to you in my mind for two months.  I just came back from a physical conference and physicists once again asked themselves: What is energy? That is why I decided to write the message just today. 

You are a specialist in ancient languages, or their style of life.  So, can you explain the origin of the word? 

In physics one can distinguish two types of energies: 
the kinetics energy and the potential energy. The second one can be understand as something that is hidden in potential and would be  realized in principle. The kinetics energy means 1/2 of the multiplication of the mass of a particle (or an object) by its velocity to the second power. 

From your studies follow: 
Per-Neter = House of Nature, or House of Energy. 
Thus, Nature = Energy? Why we write the symbol equality? 

Can we find a parallel between that ancient notion and the modern one? 

Your actual worshipper, 
Volodymyr, a pupil from kindergarten 

Dear Master Volodymyr,

I think you are maybe pulling my leg?

I believe we are all kindergartners on this one!! What is energy? What is God? What is Nature? Will we ever know? Has anyone EVER known??

When I look up energy in the dictionary, it is no help! They mention something about Aristotle first defining it according to "movement" or "motion", but how could he have known anything, he did not go to Egypt and be initiated as had his teacher, Plato, and his teacher, Socrates!

Well, what do the Khemitians (Egyptians) say? As you have quoted me; Per-Neter is best translated as House of Nature, House of Energy. Then you say Nature=Energy, but are they equal?? Egyptologists define Neter as God(Goddess), then they would be saying, God=Nature=Energy!

But my indigenous teacher states Neter was NOT God, as we conceive of Deity, but an aspect of God, an aspect of consciousness, an aspect of Nature, not the WHOLE! Then is the question, is energy an aspect or a whole?

Then what about motion....a brilliant theoretical physicist has proposed the idea of inerton fields, that constantly colliding quantum particles are creating waves of energy throughout the universe, a unified field theory--is this God?

Then we learn energy is divided into two forms--kinetic (which is motion) or potential (at rest)...but is it really all we can observe and measure only kinetic energy, potential energy is ONLY THEORETICAL!

The ancient Khemitians taught that ALL was going and returning...movement seeking to return to the source, kinetic energy seeking to become all potential energy, at rest, in harmony, homeostasis, in balance, in equilibrium!

Some physicists have theorized this was the basis of the "Big Bang"...all was potential energy, there was no movement, all creation was just in the mind of God--Einstein once joked that he "wanted to know the mind of God!"--then God decided to "move," and potential became kinetic!

But many of us, I like you, do not support Big Bang! Maybe it has ALWAYS been motion, always been inerton fields, and the return to the source, seeking equilibrium, total harmony and balance, has always been a POTENTIAL ABSOLUTE that has never been, in actuality, attainable--and that is GOD--unknowable to the human mind which is a quantum particle of the mind of God!!

The Rosicrucians, who I was involved with for many years, teach that ALL is VIBRATION, and I believe this knowledge was inherited from the ancient Khemitians. They who built the Great Pyramid were in such a high state of consciousness, they knew in their hearts, not only in their brains, that all is vibration--all interrelated and interconnected, and they did not bother themselves about these questions! They knew that vibration, energy, Nature and God were all the same and aspects of each other--and they learned to flow in harmony with ALL.

They used the term Nefer (not Neter) which Egyptologists translate as "good" or "beautiful"--but which my indigenous master translates as Harmony...that which all existence strives for, but which may be, in actuality, unattainable!

This is not your answer as to what is energy...maybe the answer is there is no answer....

By the way, I mention you and your work in my book, due to be published in the Fall...

Your brother and kindergarten colleague,


Dear Stephen

Many thanks for your nice reply. The same absolutely that was created in my mind! 

I am very glad that the fate directed me to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Indeed, it seems to me that King Pyramidsky (John DeSalvo),  you, Christopher (Dunn) and I constitute one living organism that is thinking in harmony with Nature. I have already read 4/5 of Chris' book.  What a bright analysis, what a critical mind! And I find many aspects in his speculations which are a b s o l u t e l y typical for mine!!! 

I hope that your book will be also a very great strike. However, the question is: when do other people (namely, those who keep administration positions) will pay attention to clever thoughts? 

I do not know how much people have got acquaintance with the Dunn's book.  But I am very astonished why progressive American science, having evidence presented by Dunn, still does not try to carry out experiments -- generation of electricity -- on model pyramids. Now my research becomes falling within interests of some leading scientists; I received an invitation from Belgium to deliver a talk (45 minutes) at the big: 


I am finishing to write the report "Submicroscopic Deterministic Quantum Mechanics". That will be a strike as well (mid August, 2001).  I quote the Dunn's book.  Thus, the total harvest in the end of 2001 would be very interesting... 

Oh! By the way, in my study that now is carrying out together with a very bright French mathematician, we operate with the notion "space": mathematical space, physical space, etc. We talk about a space substrate and construct its submicroscopic model. Our space substrate looks like a quantum aether. What do you think, may we set identity between Space Substrate and Aether? Could you find out something about aether in the manuscripts, which you studied? In Indian texts we meet "akasha" (sorry I do not know spelling as do not have English books on the topic).  Perhaps aether = akasha. "Space" (in Slavic languages "prostir, prostor") is rather a modern term. I would like to restore "aether" in science, but now I still use "space substrate" (conventional Editorial Boards of prestigious journals reject papers in which authors talk about "aether"). 

Best wishes from a very little Universe's corpuscle, i.e. Volodymyr 

Dear Quanta Corpuscle Volodymyr,

Thanks for your reply to me! Yes, I too believe you, John, Chris & myself are operating on similar wavelengths! We all have reached a state of maturity and wisdom that we can recognize each other without ego interference and with mutual respect.

It is the word "wisdom" that has greatly interested me lately. I speak in my book of the origin of the word; derived from the Khemitian word Wizzer which is the correct word the Greeks labeled "Osiris".  Egyptologists teach Osiris was a mythological king who taught the ancients how to be civilized, etc. But my teacher has convinced me that Osiris as Wizzer was also an aspect of consciousness, Wisdom. There is also a Khemitian term, Sahu, that applies to Wizzer. Sahu means "He Who Knows but keeps Silent". This is an aspect of wisdom I am trying very hard to cultivate--to respect all points of view or theories but to know when one is right and others are wrong but not to allow ego to override and to be silent when others stumble along without experience or true knowledge. A very thin line exists in these cases.

Yes, you are so right about the "Science Administrators"...I am very hard on academic Egyptology in my book, but rightly so. So many are stuck in their accepted paradigms they will never accept Chris's or my or your theories--they cannot "see" beyond their limited perspectives. We present our work to the people, to those who desire to see and know with different lenses, and to those who love and revere Nature and the mystical traditions and holistic wisdom of indigenous elders.

Yes--your "Space Substrate" is indeed the ancient ether concept--BRING IT BACK! The ancient Khemitians taught ALL the universe (and all universes) was "alive" and conscious and we can connect to it all if we only open up all our senses and be awake and aware of the quantum energy of the inerton fields all around us!

Someday we will meet and embrace each other with our dedication to the truth and share our love of all there is...

Your brother and fellow corpuscle,


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