I am a physicist, a theorist. My speciality is condensed matter physics. However the foundations of physics are also in the area of my interests. In this line of research, combining my knowledge of condensed matter with the main regulations of quantum physics I try to construct the fundamentals of fundamental physics. The "tool" that has been chosen for such a construction is my particular natural view that in many respects is based on the ancient Vedic philosophy and my long Yogic practice.

A great emotional splash of our peaceful revolution of 1989-1991 during which Ukraine gained long-awaited independent and released from the totalitarianism imparted a significant acuity to the tool. Since that time, there have been many events in Ukraine that consistently step by step revived in its democratic values. Ukraine, as a descendant of the first Indo-European civilization, which started as the country of Aratta about 8000 years ago, no doubt will overcome all obstacles and restore democratic self-governing principles. The culture of Aratta remained practically unchanged for over 3000 years! It was the Arattan community which the Vedas called the Golden Age of mankind.

Having gained something, I wanted to share. You are kindly invited to look at the outcomes have been brought by such an approach.

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